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Professional Animation Design

Professional Animation Design

Let's collaborate to create an outstanding and unique animation tailored specifically to your target audience and brand. Our dedicated team is fully committed to helping you achieve your goals and witnessing the tremendous success that comes with it! With our expertise and creative solutions, we'll bring your vision to life and deliver an animation that captivates, engages, and leaves a lasting impression. Partner with us and let's create something exceptional together!

Animation Design Service List

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

We offer a range of Motion Graphics services tailored to diverse needs. These include Video Packaging, Sports Packaging, and Data Visualization for clear information presentation. We also specialize in Education and Training Videos, Interactive Design for engaging user experiences, and Social Media Videos for online marketing. Each service is designed to effectively communicate your message and engage your audience.
Motion Design

Motion Design

Motion Design encompasses a variety of services including Animation Reel for showcasing work, Logo Animation for brand identity, Ad Animation for marketing campaigns, and Visual Effects for enhancing storytelling. Each element is crafted to captivate audiences and convey messages effectively.
CG Animation

CG Animation

CG Animation service involves creating high-quality, computer-generated animations that bring stories to life. It’s ideal for creating realistic characters, environments, and visual effects, enhancing viewer engagement and storytelling in films, games, and advertisements.
2D Animations

2D Animations

2D Animation service offers the creation of movement in a two-dimensional artistic space. This service is perfect for storytelling in commercials, explainer videos, educational content, and more, bringing characters and stories to life in a visually engaging way.
3D Animations

3D Animations

3D Animation service involves creating objects and characters in a three-dimensional space, bringing depth, realism, and visual appeal. Ideal for films, games, and interactive content, it offers a dynamic way to engage audiences and enhance storytelling.

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Dive into the Art of Stop Motion Animation

Dive into the Art of Stop Motion Animation

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of stop motion animation. This artform involves manipulating physical objects, frame by frame, to create seamless motion. Discover the meticulous process of setting up scenes, posing characters, and capturing each movement with precision. Learn the techniques behind animating inanimate objects, clay figures, or even puppets. Unleash your creativity as you explore storytelling through this unique medium, mastering the art of storytelling in a tangible and hands-on way. Experience the joy of bringing objects to life, frame by frame, and unleash your imagination to create mesmerizing and enchanting stop motion animations.

FireFishs Animation Design Procedure

Professional team · Quality service · Create value
Cooperation Talks

Communicate demands with customers

Determine creative direction

Signing the Contract

Literary scripts, storyboards

Negotiate with customers to finalize contract signing

Start Making

Production cycle determined

Start production after advance payment arrives

Make Partial Payment

Rough cut sample passed

The second payment arrives

Satisfied with Final Payment

Send the film and the balance will arrive in your account

Satisfied and praised

Custom Review

Using the form of the original painting MG, the Fangtai water grass dishwasher is interesting and vivid.


The entire production of our 30 episodes of MG animation in the whole season was happy and smooth.

Ant Financial
Ant Financial

The overall packaging of 4 sets of revised programs was produced, with novel forms and exquisite pictures.

Chinese Education
Chinese Education
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